Instructional Sessions

Instructional Sessions

Introduction To Instructional Sessions

I trust I have offered a variety of treatments and techniques that will allow nearly everyone to find a tool to implement healing they will feel comfortable with.Healing Lotus

I have proposed tried and true methods of relaxation, stress relief and optimistically a method for healing whatever malady, condition or situation may be present in your life, or the life of a pet, at this time.

In addition to the services offered I have added some unique Instructional sessions I would like to share with you. The Lighten Up Process was founded and developed by Carol Hanson-Grey, and encourages you to “Lighten Up” on yourself! The benefits are endless, from eliminating stress and anxiety in your life to alleviating allergies. Lighten Up will actually assist and support you in rehabilitating emotional, psychological and physical illnesses anything from pain management to heartache, and everything in between. It can facilitate and terminate the use of drugs and alcohol and yet support weight loss, which are actually benefits of learning to love yourself, and Lighten Up. This session includes Carol’s story and your journey towards this process on CD.

I have proposed the Japa Manifesting Meditation, which is taught by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and comes with his inspirational CD. Japa has been known to create jobs, advance careers, help in the sale of a home, the conception of a child, procuring abundance with material objects and monetary windfalls, and remedies for emotional and physical illness. This meditation is so powerful that I must state emphatically, from personal experience, be very careful what you ask for, for you will receive it! Thank You Dr. Dyer.

Hopefully I have explained each service in a precise and articulate manner so as to enable everyone to understand and resonate with some strategy, process or technique that I offer. If I have failed to do so in any way, or you have questions please feel free to contact me with your inquiries or concerns, and I hope to have the privilege of meeting you in the near future.

Please take into consideration that the Complimentary and Integrative approach to healing that I offer are simply that, complimentary to standard medical advice. If you suffer from a particular emotional, physical or psychological illness please contact a medical doctor or other licensed health care professional.