Healing The Shadow Self

Healing The Shadow Self

The Shadow Self


Shadow Self

“The sum total of our being is the absolute master of our experience” William L. Rand

Healing the Shadow Self is a guided meditation to release and heal ourselves from internal negativity.

We have all heard that we create our own reality, but sometimes we have unwanted experiences that may be painful and limit us in some way. Often times, we have no idea how these experiences came about or how to stop or change them. If we are to heal ourselves from creating unpleasant experiences then we must be willing to deal with the unconscious parts of our mind responsible for creating them. The part of our mind responsible for creating our unhappy experiences is sometimes called The Shadow Self.

The Shadow Self is created when we refuse to accept our feelings that have been labeled unacceptable by society, family or friends. Even though society may be correct in their judgments, we are not always given alternatives to deal with our negative feelings in a healthy way. Quite often the only way we know of dealing with negative feelings is to deny them and stuff them down deep inside ourselves. This process of denial does not cause these feelings to go away, but forces them down inside ourselves where they fester and grow and continue to affect our behavior and influence our experiences. Because we are unaware that they are there, we are powerless to change them and it may feel as though someone or something outside ourselves is controlling our lives.