Distant Reiki

Distant Reiki

Distant Reiki Healing

Reiki is a powerful healing system. Dr. Mikao Usui established unique Reiki symbols in the 1900’s, for specific functions. One particular Reiki symbol allows the practitioner to direct and send healing Reiki energy to others at a distance. Because of this sacred symbol a practitioner is able to send the Reiki life energy to people or pets across a room, across town or even to other parts of the country or the world. Distance is no barrier when a practitioner uses this symbol. The symbol can even be used to bridge time. Practitioners can send Reiki into the future to an important activity or job interview, a test or even a trip to the dentist. Reiki can also be sent into the past to a traumatic experience or certain painful event.

Thanks to this symbol Reiki can be sent to an illness in any part of the body even without the client or practitioner knowing where the cause of the problem is.

Animals are treated with care and safety for all concerned with this symbol.

Reiki can do no harm, and respects a person’s free will. If Reiki is sent to someone who does not want it, the Reiki will not affect him or her.

Distance Field