This is a testimonial for Karuna Reiki. While making dinner one evening I removed a bowl of boiling water from the microwave and proceeded to pour it down my chest and abdomen. My skin began to blister and the pain was excruciating, I had third degree burns down my left breast and across my upper abdomen. I immediately applied ice to the area and followed up with Reiki. The affected area was over a foot long and continued to blister and fill with fluid for a week, I applied Reiki every evening. A neighbor sent me to a friend of hers who is a Plastic surgeon, he told me to let it heal a while and then return to see him. However, by the end of that first week the blistering drained and had all but disappeared, within a month, there were absolutely no marks, the redness was gone and there was not a single sign that there ever had been a burn.
Barbara R. Sprano, Reiki Master, Reiki Touch Therapy, LLC


Recently, as I was performing a contractor’s job on my home stereo cabinet, I sliced my left index finger open with a razor utility knife and was bleeding profusely; I called that same neighbor, who is a retired Operating room technician, to help me bandage the wound. The laceration was quite deep and she insisted that I receive stitches to avoid infection or any complication. I assured her I would heal the wound myself; using Reiki…even though I was rather frightened, I was absolutely positive Reiki would heal my finger. I was correct, once again the healing energy of Reiki closed and healed the wound within days. Now months later you cannot even see where I was cut.
Barbara R. Sprano, Reiki Master, Reiki Touch Therapy, LLC


I am writing this as a testimonial to Barbara Sprano. I have been to her numerous times for a Reiki massage. I was very skeptical at first but when she placed her hands near my ears, she had me. She is just an amazing Reiki Therapist. After my visits to her, I sleep like a baby and I am so relaxed. She has also done chakra and aura cleansing on me and OH what a wonderful feeling that is. She just seems to dispel any negative feelings I have. I am very happy that someone truly led me to her and her amazing techniques.
Sincerely, Cindy Simmonds


For Barbara Sprano,
As a nurse I am very scientifically minded, however, knowing Barbara for years prompted me to try Reiki with her. I was pleasantly surprised when I experienced the Reiki energy the first time. Recently I’ve had 3 Reiki Intensive sessions with what she now offers called Karuna Reiki and I was totally amazed at the energy that flowed from her hands. I felt warmth, tingling and actually felt heaviness leaving my body. I even felt the energy flowing up and down my body. I highly recommend this treatment for everyone. You will absolutely love it, I surely do.
Cassandra Knowles, RN


Dear Barbara,
My last Reiki session was absolutely wonderful and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am. I had shoulder pain for over 1 month when I came to you. During the session I could actually feel the pain being pulled from my shoulder, it was absolutely an unbelievable feeling. I have been pain free ever since!!!!! Another extraordinary experience I felt was the energy being channeled thru you to me. There is no greater feeling than the inner tranquility after a session. Reiki is a wonderful thing and I highly recommend it to everyone.
Nora Martinez, Resource Coordinator, JFK Medical Center


Dear Bobbi,
Ok, you were right, I was really surprised at how well I felt after the Reflexology treatment you gave me when I visited in May. I’ll be back in December for more.
You know me, I’ll try anything once, but this was pretty darn good. Thanks.
Tony Campo, Watertown, CT


This is a testimonial for my friend Bobbi Sprano. I have finally let her convince me that Laser therapy could help me to quit smoking. She was right – it was painless and fast. I have not smoked in almost 4 months and don’t want to ever again. I had treatments every week for the first 2 months and now I only need them every month or so. You were right Bobbi, thanks so very much, I am thrilled with the way this worked.
Constance Watts, Property Manager, Palm Beach FL


Hey Barbara,
Wow, Barb has great hands, she did Acupressure on my hands and feet and I was totally blown away with how well I felt later. I will be back for more Barb.
Brad Summers, Real Estate Agent, West Palm Beach, FL


Dear Bobbi,
The Laser therapy you gave me is actually working very well – I have lost 10 pounds so far. I’ll see you soon for another treatment. Maybe Reiki also – I’m addicted to the Reiki treatments what a wonderful art. Thanks for everything. I recommend you to all my friends and family.
With Love, Jean Chapman, RTT


To Whom It May Concern:
Barbara is my jeweler, I didn’t even know she did Reiki, but I had heard of it. I have had 3 Intensive sessions with her now and I no longer have sinus headaches, which was an everyday occurrence for me here in South Florida. I felt warm and fuzzy and a tingling sensation during each session, I believe I slept most of the time, but felt fabulous for weeks after the sessions, I am continuing to go to her for these treatments and also the Laser therapy to lose weight.
Agnes Wethers, Retired RN


Hi Barbara,
I am a schoolteacher and always open to new experiences – when I first went to Barb for Laser Therapy I was amazed at how comfortable she made me feel. I now have Reiki sessions with her that are so comforting and helpful, that I never want to leave her table.
Thanks Barb, see you soon.
Yours truly, Joanne Tully


Dear Bobbi,
You hounded me to stop smoking for years, I am so grateful to you now for finally convincing me to start the Laser Therapy sessions. I never cheated… not even a little and for the first time in my adult life I do not want a cigarette. Now it has been many months since I have started the Laser treatments and I feel so much healthier I can hardly believe what I was missing. I thank you; my husband thanks you and my cat’s thank you.
Marie Taylor-Thomas


To Barbara,
Keep up the good work…I am totally envious of your incredible power. I tell all my friends about you. I have never felt such vibrations in my body, it’s wonderful. I can actually feel my aches and pains flowing out of my body and into your hands. Thanks.
George Brent, Attorney


Hi Barbara,
I want to thank you again for introducing me to Reiki and Acupressure. What can I say; you made it so relaxing for me. I enjoyed every moment of the session, didn’t want it to end. The sensations I experienced while lying on your table were exhilarating and still relaxing. I’ll be back for more. By the way I loved the Angel message, it was right on.
Mila Woods, Jewelry Manager, Jarred Jewelers, WPB, FL


You are totally amazing with your hands, and for me a Chinese woman to say that, believe me it’s true! I really felt so wonderful after the Reflexology, and the Reiki treatment was fabulous, I could hardly believe the tingling sensations I felt or the way I could feel the flowing energy move up and down inside my body. Thanks, I can’t wait to go back to Florida for more ocean swimming and Reiki and of course to see you too!
Rose Lo, CT Technologist, Yale-New Haven Hospital


Dear Barbara,
Sorry, but I was a skeptic, until I broke my leg that is. Well now I know what my friend Jean was talking about. I could hardly believe how good you made my aching leg feel, not to mention the rest of me. Holy smokes, I really enjoyed the treatment, it was really something I have never experienced before. The pain in my leg seemed to move up and out of my knee and I have to say, it hasn’t been back. I am now able to walk on it – The Doctor was impressed at how fast I healed at my age. I didn’t tell him – I bet he’s a skeptic too.
Sincerely, Frank Altman, Retired


Dear Barbara,
I have never had such a feeling as what I felt from you! I have had chronic back pain for as long as I can remember. In just our first session I felt relief, such that I haven’t had in years. Now after several sessions, I feel like a new man, I will continue my treatments,
This is too good to give up. Now my wife wants to see you.
Truly Grateful, Al Steinerts