Ready For Change?

Ready For Change?

Are You Ready For A Change?
Are you willing to let go of all your issues, illnesses or bad habits?

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Then Experience Reiki!

Here at Reiki Touch Therapy we believe that Reiki is a complementary and integrative approach to healing and health maintenance. Reiki is the transformational science and healing art that opens the door to inner knowledge and inner light, it is an experience, a process that helps you attune consciously to what life itself is. Reiki can help you become aware of the energy that is being expressed as you share with all that is alive in the universe. Reiki can be used to heal anything and everything, it is safe to use anytime, any place, at any age and in any situation. There is no condition from which it will not facilitate a higher more perfect state of being. Reiki can be used to help plants and animals, situations and even events. Reiki is life energy, which is responsive to thoughts and feelings. When we accept either consciously or unconsciously, negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves, these beliefs and emotions attach themselves to our energy field, causing a disruption in the energy flow. When the flow is disrupted, diminished function in one or more organs and tissues can occur.

Reiki assists the body in repairing and healing itself by bringing body, mind and spirit into proper alignment. Through the application of Reiki, the cells of the body are actually renewed and rejuvenated with the highest form if its own basic substance – energy! The vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body, the Aura, is elevated. Energy pathways, the Charkas, are cleared of blocks formed by negative thoughts and feelings or toxins, thus allowing our life force energy to flow in a healthy, natural way.

Reiki is completely safe and can be used to prevent and eliminate the cause rather than just the symptoms of ‘dis-ease’ or any imbalance of the mind, body and spirit. It doesn’t conflict in any way with medical procedures and in fact enhances medical treatment.