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Laser Therapy

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Laser Therapy

At Reiki Touch Therapy we employ the Acu-Point Locator Stimulation Laser, which uses a form of natural healing light energy. This electronic stimulation device is a low level laser; also known as soft tissue laser, cold laser, or healing laser. The Acu-Point Laser works quite well for pain relief, pain management and stimulation of acupressure and acupuncture points, trigger points, and auricular points. It is virtually non-invasive and painless and allows us to tap into the benefits that are also derived by Acupressure, which is a 5,000 year old, Chinese Health science.

This Electro-Acupressure device offers fast and effective relief from acute or chronic pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, eliminates tension and stress, enhances the immune system and promotes faster healing by re-energizing the cell membranes. Thousands of health conditions are being treated utilizing this amazing NEEDELESS electronic medical device, the list is endless. Low Level Laser therapy has been researched and used in Europe and Canada for the past thirty years.

Low-level laser therapy treatments are drug-free, painless and non-invasive. The laser produces a beam of light at a high wavelength utilizing low energy. This cold laser delivers red light spectrum electrons to communicate with the cells of our body. The laser is applied to specific body parts to alleviate pain, eliminate stress and anxiety, stimulate healing or block addiction receptors and excite and release the endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the body’s natural opiates and mood enhancers. By blocking addiction receptors in the brain, the endorphins release and allow us to ease nicotine intake without the withdrawal symptoms, the procedure is quick, easy and painless. Low Level Lasers can also eliminate the depression or irritability that accompanies diets and weight control, and can make it easier for you to stay on whatever diet you choose to consider. *

How the Acu-Point Cold laser actually works; on the body surface, the electric resistance of a trigger point or a reactive point is lower than it’s surrounding areas. It can however, be readily located by the means of an instrument, which is sensitive to resistance changes. When the metal probe touches a low resistance point a little speaker gives a sound signal.
It’s pitch rises with the lowering of the electric resistance of the skin. With this Electro-Acupressure device and method of detection, trigger points thus located usually produce a strong sensation and reaction to the electric stimulation, and will achieve the best therapeutic results. The best part is, it is fast, easy, totally painless and very effective.

*Smoking cessation and weight control literature will be provided in there initial session.

Note: At this time and until further studies, Reiki Touch Therapy finds the following conditions to be considered contraindications for the use of laser therapy:
• Pregnant woman
• People fitted with Pacemakers or internal Defibrillators
• Anyone with heart disease or conditions
• Around open wounds
• On the eyes