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This is a testimonial for Karuna Reiki. While making dinner one evening I removed a bowl of boiling water from the microwave and proceeded to pour it down my chest and abdomen. My skin began to blister and the pain was excruciating, I had third degree burns down my left breast and across my upper abdomen. I immediately applied ice to the area and followed up with Reiki. The affected area was over a foot long and continued to blister and fill with fluid for a week, I applied Reiki every evening. A neighbor sent me to a friend of hers who is a Plastic surgeon, he told me to let it heal a while and then return to see him. However, by the end of that first week the blistering drained and had all but disappeared, within a month, there were absolutely no marks, the redness was gone and there was not a single sign that there ever had been a burn.
Barbara R. Sprano, Reiki Master, Reiki Touch Therapy, LLC

Recently, as I was performing a contractor’s job on my home stereo cabinet, I sliced my left index finger open with a razor utility knife and was bleeding profusely; I called that same neighbor, who is a retired Operating room technician, to help me bandage the wound. The laceration was quite deep and she insisted that I receive stitches to avoid infection or any complication. I assured her I would heal the wound myself; using Reiki…even though I was rather frightened, I was absolutely positive Reiki would heal my finger. I was correct, once again the healing energy of Reiki closed and healed the wound within days. Now months later you cannot even see where I was cut.                                                                                     
Barbara R. Sprano, Reiki Master, Reiki Touch Therapy, LLC

I am writing this as a testimonial to Barbara Sprano. I have been to her numerous times for a Reiki massage. I was very skeptical at first but when she placed her hands near my ears, she had me. She is just an amazing Reiki Therapist. After my visits to her, I sleep like a baby and I am so relaxed. She has also done chakra and aura cleansing on me and OH what a wonderful feeling that is. She just seems to dispel any negative feelings I have. I am very happy that someone truly led me to her and her amazing techniques.
Sincerely, Cindy Simmonds

For Barbara Sprano,             
As a nurse I am very scientifically minded, however, knowing Barbara for years prompted me to try Reiki with her. I was pleasantly surprised when I experienced the Reiki energy the first time. Recently I’ve had 3 Reiki Intensive sessions with what she now offers called Karuna Reiki and I was totally amazed at the energy that flowed from her hands. I felt warmth, tingling and actually felt heaviness leaving my body. I even felt the energy flowing up and down my body. I highly recommend this treatment for everyone. You will absolutely love it, I surely do.
Cassandra Knowles, RN

Dear Barbara,
My last Reiki session was absolutely wonderful and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am. I had shoulder pain for over 1 month when I came to you. During the session I could actually feel the pain being pulled from my shoulder, it was absolutely an unbelievable feeling. I have been pain free ever since!!!!! Another extraordinary experience I felt was the energy being channeled thru you to me. There is no greater feeling than the inner tranquility after a session. Reiki is a wonderful thing and I highly recommend it to everyone.
Nora Martinez, Resource Coordinator, JFK Medical Center

Dear Bobbi,
Ok, you were right, I was really surprised at how well I felt after the Reflexology treatment you gave me when I visited in May. I’ll be back in December for more.
You know me, I’ll try anything once, but this was pretty darn good. Thanks.
Tony Campo, Watertown, CT

This is a testimonial for my friend Bobbi Sprano. I have finally let her convince me that Laser therapy could help me to quit smoking. She was right – it was painless and fast. I have not smoked in almost 4 months and don’t want to ever again. I had treatments every week for the first 2 months and now I only need them every month or so. You were right Bobbi, thanks so very much, I am thrilled with the way this worked.
Constance Watts, Property Manager, Palm Beach FL

Hey Barbara,
Wow, Barb has great hands, she did Acupressure on my hands and feet and I was totally blown away with how well I felt later. I will be back for more Barb.
Brad Summers, Real Estate Agent, West Palm Beach, FL

Dear Bobbi,
The Laser therapy you gave me is actually working very well – I have lost 10 pounds so far. I’ll see you soon for another treatment. Maybe Reiki also – I’m addicted to the Reiki treatments what a wonderful art. Thanks for everything. I recommend you to all my friends and family.
With Love, Jean Chapman, RTT

To Whom It May Concern:
Barbara is my jeweler, I didn’t even know she did Reiki, but I had heard of it. I have had 3 Intensive sessions with her now and I no longer have sinus headaches, which was an everyday occurrence for me here in South Florida. I felt warm and fuzzy and a tingling sensation during each session, I believe I slept most of the time, but felt fabulous for weeks after the sessions, I am continuing to go to her for these treatments and also the Laser therapy to lose weight.
Agnes Wethers, Retired RN

Hi Barbara,
I am a schoolteacher and always open to new experiences – when I first went to Barb for Laser Therapy I was amazed at how comfortable she made me feel. I now have Reiki sessions with her that are so comforting and helpful, that I never want to leave her table.
Thanks Barb, see you soon.
Yours truly, Joanne Tully

Dear Bobbi,
You hounded me to stop smoking for years, I am so grateful to you now for finally convincing me to start the Laser Therapy sessions. I never cheated… not even a little and for the first time in my adult life I do not want a cigarette. Now it has been many months since I have started the Laser treatments and I feel so much healthier I can hardly believe what I was missing. I thank you; my husband thanks you and my cat’s thank you.
Marie Taylor-Thomas

To Barbara,
Keep up the good work…I am totally envious of your incredible power. I tell all my friends about you. I have never felt such vibrations in my body, it’s wonderful. I can actually feel my aches and pains flowing out of my body and into your hands. Thanks.
George Brent, Attorney

Hi Barbara,
I want to thank you again for introducing me to Reiki and Acupressure. What can I say; you made it so relaxing for me. I enjoyed every moment of the session, didn’t want it to end. The sensations I experienced while lying on your table were exhilarating and still relaxing. I’ll be back for more. By the way I loved the Angel message, it was right on.
Mila Woods, Jewelry Manager, Jarred Jewelers, WPB, FL

You are totally amazing with your hands, and for me a Chinese woman to say that, believe me it’s true! I really felt so wonderful after the Reflexology, and the Reiki treatment was fabulous, I could hardly believe the tingling sensations I felt or the way I could feel the flowing energy move up and down inside my body. Thanks, I can’t wait to go back to Florida for more ocean swimming and Reiki and of course to see you too!
Rose Lo, CT Technologist, Yale-New Haven Hospital

Dear Barbara,
Sorry, but I was a skeptic, until I broke my leg that is. Well now I know what my friend Jean was talking about. I could hardly believe how good you made my aching leg feel, not to mention the rest of me. Holy smokes, I really enjoyed the treatment, it was really something I have never experienced before. The pain in my leg seemed to move up and out of my knee and I have to say, it hasn’t been back. I am now able to walk on it – The Doctor was impressed at how fast I healed at my age. I didn’t tell him – I bet he’s a skeptic too.
Sincerely, Frank Altman, Retired 

Dear Barbara,
I have never had such a feeling as what I felt from you! I have had chronic back pain for as long as I can remember. In just our first session I felt relief, such that I haven’t had in years. Now after several sessions, I feel like a new man, I will continue my treatments,
This is too good to give up. Now my wife wants to see you.
Truly Grateful, Al Steinerts,


Complimentary and Alternative medicine should not be considered replacements for standard medicine. Reiki Touch Therapy considers every treatment we offer to be Integrative medicine and believe our services should be used in conjunction with standard orthodox medical treatment. Therefore, if you have an emotional, physical or psychological illness or injury, we suggest you contact a medical doctor or other licensed health care professional.

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