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Karuna® Practitioner Code of Ethics

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  1. Practitioner will be working on their own healing so as to embody and fully express the essence of Reiki in everything they do.
  1. Practitioner will be in agreement with and working to fully express the Usui Ideals, the practitioner should be open to the International Reiki Center Philosophy and the Center purpose.
  1. Practitioners will be open to the continuing process of enhancing their professional qualifications, training, experience and skills.
  1. Practitioners will respect and value all Reiki practitioners and Masters regardless of lineage or organizational affiliation.  Practitioners should refrain from making negative statement about other Reiki
  1. Practitioners will actively be working to create harmony and friendly cooperation between Reiki practitioners and Masters regardless of lineage or organizational affiliation.
  1. Practitioners will encourage all students to use their own inner guidance in deciding who to receive Reiki sessions from or who to study Reiki with including the possibility of studying with more than one teacher.
  1. Practitioners will openly encourage all their clients and students to do the best job possible with the Reiki program they are guided to use.
  1. Practitioners will always work to empower their clients and students to heal themselves and to encourage and assist them in their personal growth as well as in the development of their Reiki practice.
  1. Practitioners will always treat their students and clients with the greatest respect, and will never engage in any illegal or immoral activity with their clients or students. Practitioners will never touch a client or students genital area or breasts, never ask them to disrobe, and never make sexual comments, jokes or references.
  1. Practitioners will abstain from the use of drugs or alcohol during all professional activities.
  1. Practitioners will always practice Truth in Advertising. Be willing to openly discuss their training background, what is offered in a Reiki session, the subjects covered in their Reiki classes, the fee that is charged, and the amount of time spent in sessions or classes with any prospective client or student.

  2. Practitioners will never use another person’s copyrighted material in their classes without permission and giving credit.

  3. Practitioners will educate their clients regarding the value of Reiki and explain that it does not guarantee a cure, and is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

  4. Practitioners will acknowledge that Reiki works in conjunction with other forms of medical or psychological care. If a client has a medical or psychological condition, a practitioner will suggest, in addition to giving the client Reiki treatments, the client see a licensed health care professional if they are not already seeing one.

  5. Practitioners will never diagnose medical or psychological conditions or prescribe medications. A practitioner will never suggest that a client change or end dosages of substances prescribed by other licensed health care providers or suggest the client change prescribed treatment or interfere with the treatment of a licensed health care provider.

    The International Center for Reiki Training

Complimentary and Alternative medicine should not be considered replacements for standard medicine. Reiki Touch Therapy considers every treatment we offer to be Integrative medicine and believe our services should be used in conjunction with standard orthodox medical treatment. Therefore, if you have an emotional, physical or psychological illness or injury, we suggest you contact a medical doctor or other licensed health care professional.

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