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Links of Interest - A distance Reiki healing site which is owned and operated by Anna Pizzoferrato, who is a Shambala Multidimensional Master Healer and a Usui/Tibetan, Karuna® and Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner. Anna sends Reiki to people and events all over the world, and offers a monthly newsletter.
- Was created by Anna Pizzoferrato and is an affiliation of and also operated by Anna, offering all that is natural and good for your body, mind and spirit. A feel good site with a plethora of wonderful, inspirational and spiritual products. - Is another of Anna’s websites that specifically caters to those who would like products directly related to the healing energy of Reiki. Check into this site Anna has a bounty of exotic goodies. - Offers the Lighten Up Process, which was founded and developed by Carol Hanson-Grey, Lighten Up is a process of self-love and acceptance.
- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D. who some call the Father of Inspirational Speaking, offers insights and inspiration for all aspects of your life. He has written over 25 books including his first “Your Erroneous Zones” to his most recent “Excuses Begone”; you can also enjoy his newest video “The Shift”, or hear him speak on Hay House radio. - Louise Hay is an author and founder of Hay House who started her Spiritual Journey 25 years ago at the age of 60, since then she has written many books, her most famous being “You Can Heal Your Life” which has been published several different ways and in several formats including inspirational cards and calendars and now it has been made into a movie. See Louise at the ‘I Can Do It’ conferences in several locations around the United States. - The largest publishing house for Spiritual, inspirational, Self-help and Transformational literature in the world. Founded by Louise Hay in 1984, to publish her first two books, ‘Heal Your Body’ and ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. This site offers books, videos, CDs and workshop and conference information about every Self- Help and Inspirational speaker. The Farmington Hypnosis and Awareness Center is run by Althea DePascale and Ron Truskowski in Farmington CT. Althea is a Life Coach and a Spiritual Intuitive who does personal and telephone readings all across the US. Althea is a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and she and her partner Ron are Hypno-therapists, they conduct healing Hypnotherapy sessions, such as Smoking Cessation and Weight Control just to name a few. Together they teach Intuitive Development, and Rebirthing, at their center in Connecticut. The center offers Past Life Regressions and Guided Imagery. Call for an Intuitive Counseling by phone. -The Quantum Healing Center is owned and operated by Dr. Brian Sheen Ph.D. Executive Director of the Florida Institute of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine. Brian has 36 years of experience as a Complimentary and Alternative medicine Practitioner specializing in Clinical Hypnotherapy and PNI or Psychoneuroimmunology, Bioenergetics, NLP, Choice Theory and Quantum Psychology. Brian is a RYT500 certified yoga/meditation instructor, author and lecturer and teaches A Course In Miracles at his center in Delray Beach, Florida which is offered, along with Meditation live on the Internet every Wednesday night. Brian is a Reiki Master, he and several others offer a Reiki healing circle twice a month. See him at or The International Center for Reiki Training was founded by William Lee Rand who is considered to be a pioneer in the field of Reiki energy healing. He has developed the Karuna Reiki healing technique. William’s center offers seminars, classes, attunements, books, kits, CDs and videos, a magazine, a monthly newsletter and a web site with 350 pages of Reiki information, everything you may want to know about Reiki. - Wellington Hypnosis Center is operated by Marla and Bill Abraham in Wellington Florida. They offer private and group Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression sessions and are also Reiki Masters. These two retired school teachers from New York are still teaching and offer classes and attunements in Reiki energy healing. On the last Tuesday of each month the center offers A Course In Miracles and four times a year, at the season solstice they host a Native American Transformation Ceremony with guided meditation, chanting, drumming and a fire ceremony. Join like-minded people for stimulating conversation and inspiration.


Complimentary and Alternative medicine should not be considered replacements for standard medicine. Reiki Touch Therapy considers every treatment we offer to be Integrative medicine and believe our services should be used in conjunction with standard orthodox medical treatment. Therefore, if you have an emotional, physical or psychological illness or injury, we suggest you contact a medical doctor or other licensed health care professional.

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